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It all starts up there, where we have a glimpse of what is going on and where the alienness of field and sea is registered.

From my position the truth is visible; the tower is warm, it is orange.

The sun's rays melt into the fissures and break under roundly earthy stones.

That burning solitude burns and destroys the privilege of the glimpse, leaving us in abandonment before the eternal immensity.


Alleo (alien) is based on the idea of the watchtower.

It starts from the conditioning of the "privileged" position of the tower and who played the role of watchman.

We inhabit both bodies: the power granted by the knowledge of the unknown and what was to come as well as the loneliness of that position and the weight of the discovery of the alien.

Show selected for the Huesca International Theater and Dance Fair 2022

Finalist show in 36th Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid 2022
Show selected for the Danza a Escena 2023 catalog

Show recommended by the 2023 Advisory Commission of Catalonia

Work selected for the catalogue of the Euskadi Dance Circuit 2023

Selected for the La Cultura Contraataca - Escena 2023 program

Show selected for the Red Acieloabierto 2023

Show selected for the Galicia Escena Pro Fair 2023

Work selected for the catalogue of the RAEE - Red Aragonesa de Espacios Escénicos

Awarded at the DZM Festival 2022


15 minutes

Creation and interpreteation: 

Esther Latorre 

Hugo Pereira 






Dani Rodríguez 


Management support: 

Manu Lago 



Jandro Villa 


With the support of: 

Galicia Danza Contemporánea 

Concello Lugo 


Hugo Pereira / Colectivo Glovo

+34 604002295

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