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Creation and interpretation:

Esther Latorre and Hugo Pereira


Sound design:



Lighting design:

Pedro Fresneda


Touring technician:

Jaume Blai



Carlota Mosquera


Management support:

Manu Lago


Image design:

Marcia Vázquez



Jandro Villa


With the creation support:

Agadic - Xacobeo 21 - Xunta de Galicia


With the support of:

Teatro Ensalle · INAEM · Ministry of Culture · Government of Spain · Concello Lugo · Galicia Danza Contemporánea


In collaboration with:

Palimoco School


"Where our touch begins, we are.

I am.

You are.

We are?

It is an occupation of reality, a conquest.

You look for the familiar faces.

You hesitate, lacking friction, and you accept,

sometimes unsuccessfully.

The inhabited body.

The enigmatic body.



The piece EM-NA is based on the idea of vibration as a manipulative element. It is an investigation into "subcutaneous acoustics" through vibration and the resulting silence in the body of the other.

The relationship between the performers goes through different states: compressing, stretching, changing the rhythm of their own vibration, and all this starting from their individual physicality.

The scenic composition of the bodies shows the different states and spaces of the same vibration through a contemporary, naked, raw and everyday physicality.

The strong presence of the Japanese world and spirit creates an aesthetic full of meaningful and forceful details.

The duration of each movement almost seems that of a thought, purpose or reflection.

The piece thus seeks to weave together order, chaos, passivity and the echo of the mind projected onto the changing body.

A "momentum" about how full and overflowing the human mind is and the need for silence.


EM-NA delves into our animal, instinctive and intuitive reality.


EM-NA talks about what the body understands. Self-pirating.


Sensitive body

Body home

Body enigma

Social body

Inhabited body


60 minutes

It is impossible to end World Theatre Day on a better note: in a theatre watching dance. But that theatre is not just any theatre, it is  Teatro Ensalle de Vigo. A unique space, because it not only exhibits shows but also gives them shelter and lighting. And that dance is not just any dance, it is the dance of the Colectivo Glovo from Lugo. They premiere EM-NA in Vigo. A piece of delicate and, at the same time, powerful dance virtuosity. Contained intensity. Electrifying asceticism. Esther Latorre and Hugo Pereira have a unison that is pure magic. It is as if the difference were mirrored in the conjunction and the movement, in that multiplied and mirrored way, a vibration is acquired that touches and traps us. Pedro Fresneda's light, from the Teatro Ensalle, is like a spider weaving a web that sways with movement, like the sand that moves in the wind or the waves on a beach. The explicit vibration, located in different parts of the duo's bodies, turns heads. The movement accumulates, is contained, explodes in different intensities and proportions, flows and reverberates in us without undoing the spell of EM-NA. Wonderful piece! Maximum quality!

Afonso Becerra Becerreá

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