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Colectivo Glovo was founded in 2016 under the direction of Esther Latorre (Spain) and Hugo Pereira (Portugal), creating a creative space where both performers and choreographers develop their most imaginative side together.

Based in Galicia since 2019, they work in the creation of the scene for both theatres and non-conventional spaces, as one of their main objectives as a company is to increase the dimensions of the scope of the dynamics of the body.

Glovo admits its passion for the language of movement and pursues the research of new scenic expressions starting from the body itself without established limits.

In addition, and parallel to this creative facet, the company seeks to contribute seeds to the artistic fabric present in the community, generating spaces for collaboration with other groups and artists, seeking to bring together the greatest number of creators, performers and restless body-minds, not only in Galicia but with a notable international projection, with special emphasis on the interest in the elimination of the invisible cultural barrier between Galicia and the north of Portugal.

Since its foundation in 2016, Colectivo Glovo has toured different countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy or Mexico, among others. With their first piece M A P A, they have received mentions in festivals such as Corto In Danza (Italy), La Espiral Contemporánea (Santander), as well as the Audience Award in the Certamen Coreográfico Internacional de Solos y Dúos Sólodos En Danza (Ourense) or the First Prize in the Certamen Coreográfico Internacional de Burgos & Nueva York - Bailando con piedras.

She was part of the Red Acieloabierto 2020, Danza a Escena 2021 circuit and since 2018 she has been collaborating with the fashion brand Adolfo Domínguez (National Fashion Design Award 2019). Together with the brand, the video creation Materia Gris (2019) is a finalist in the Milan Fashion Festival 2020 (Italy) and selected for the Video Dance Showcase of the 29th edition of the Quinzena de Dança de Almada - International Dance Festival (Portugal), the Fashion Film Guimaraes 2021 and the Mostra Internacional de dança - Imagens em Movimento (Brazil).

In 2020 the company was awarded a grant for stage creation by AGADIC (Galician Agency for Cultural Industries) for what would be its first long-format creation EM-NA, premiered in March 2021 and having already toured theatres in Spain and Portugal.


We quote the critic Afonso Becerra, who speaks of EM-NA as follows:


"EM-NA is a piece of delicate yet powerful dance virtuosity. Contained intensity. Electrifying asceticism. As I pointed out, Esther and Hugo have a unison that is pure magic. It is as if the difference is mirrored in the conjunction and the movement, thus multiplied and mirrored, acquires a vibration that touches and traps us".


She has participated with the piece MARRAFA (extract from EM-NA) as a finalist in the 35th Madrid Choreography Competition, and has won prizes in Barcelona and Austria.

In 2021 they venture again to the creation generating two new pieces: ALLEO and TABÚ.

ALLEO is a short-format proposal for non-conventional spaces that combines the Galician-Portuguese tradition with movement in a piece with a markedly northern character. At the same time, they are developing the creation and production of the new long-format stage piece TABÚ, which has won a co-production grant from the Centro Coreográfico Gallego.


In 2021 they start to be part of the direction of - XAMBRA -, a cultural and multidisciplinary association of the north of Portugal whose intention is to promote the exchange between Galician companies and artists and companies resident in the north of Portugal.

In 2022 the company continues projecting its stage tour with dates in Italy, Barcelona, Portugal and Mexico, and is preparing a video-creation collaboration with a Portuguese entity for 2022-2023.


In parallel to this creative facet, Colectivo Glovo directs the residency programme Atopémonos Bailando in Lugo and co-organises the festival Cartografía en Movemento, also in Lugo.

With 'Cara a unha escena plural', a project that promotes the circulation of professional dance and live arts in our territory, they collaborated by sharing their experience of return and commitment to the Galician context under the title "Quen somos nós e que facemos aquí?" 

Esther Latorre

Esther Latorre (Lugo, 1990)

Galician by birth, she completed her career by specialising and graduating in contemporary dance at the Professional Dance Conservatory of Lugo, forming part of what would become the first promotion of professionals in contemporary dance in Galicia, also graduating in Physical Education Teaching in the same city. She was awarded the Prize for excellence as a contemporary dance performer.


Since then, she has worked with companies such as Jove Companyia de Danza Gerard Collins (Valencia), Moudansa (Valencia), Companhia de Dança do Norte (Portugal), company Maduixa Teatre (winner of the Max Award for Best Street Performance for "Mulïer"; Premio Moritz Millor Estrena de Carrer 2016; Premio Umore Azoka 2017 (Basque Country) and Premio Artes Escénicas Valencianas del IVC in 2018) or in the co-productions with the Centro Coreográfico Gallego "E_Migrantas" and "Primeiro a vida" under the direction of Kirenia Martínez.


She also won first prize at the Delmar Choreography Competition (Valencia) with the piece "Aliquam" (her own choreography and performance), won the prize for Best Contemporary Dance Performer at the 11th Gerard Collins Dance Competition and was a scholarship student at the Anton Bruckner Privat universität für Musik, Tanz und Schauspiel in Linz, Austria. She was also awarded the DanceWEB Scholarship at the Impulstanz in Vienna, Austria in the 35th Certamen Coreográfico de Madrid.

Since 2016 she is co-director of the Glovo Collective with Hugo Pereira and teaches dance and movement training and workshops at different levels, having taught in countries such as Spain, Italy, Portugal and Mexico. With the cía. Colectivo Glovo she participated in different national circuits such as Danza a Escena or the Red Acieloabierto.

Her intensive training in stilts stands out, as well as several collaborations with the fashion company Adolfo Domínguez.

Hugo Pereira

Hugo Pereira (Porto, 1994)

Born in Porto, she began her training at the JOBRA Dance Conservatory, where she graduated in 2015. She received various dance training with teachers such as Akram Khan Dance Company, Sagi Gross (Gross Dance Company, Nederlans), Shirley Esseboom (Nederlans), Víctor Hugo Pontes (Nome Proprio, Portugal), Inês Negrão (Portugal), Bruno Alexandre (PORTUGAL), Carmela García (Otradanza, Spain), Julia Weh (Germany), Romulus Neagu (Portugal), Daniel Abreu (Spain), Diego Anido (Spain)....

He was part of the Companhia de Dança do Norte in the 2015-2016 production "Barulhos Nossos" and participated in several national and international creation festivals.

He is also a graduate in Specialization in production and management of performing arts by the Institute of Cultural and Artistic Management of the European University Miguel de Cervantes.


He is currently focused on the co-direction of Colectivo Glovo, participating in national and international festivals and having been awarded with the First Prize in the International Choreographic Contest of Burgos & New York - Dancing with stones or the Audience Award in the Iberoamerican Contest Sólodos Endanza, among others. With the company. Colectivo Glovo participated in different national circuits such as Danza a Escena or the Red Acieloabierto.

He was also awarded the Barcelona International Dance Exchange (BIDE) Scholarship at the 35th Madrid Choreography Competition.

He currently collaborates actively with the fashion company Adolfo Domínguez.


Clara Ferrão - Performer

Sybila Gutiérrez - Performer

Fran Martínez - Performer

Paulina Funes - Graphic Design

Adolfo Domínguez - Costume

BABYKATZE - Sound Space

Pedro Fresneda - Lighting Deisgn

Jaume Blai - Technician on tour

Adrián González - Video

Dani Rodríguez - Video

Carlota Mosquera - Photography

Manu Lago · Galicia Danza Contemporánea - Management Support

Marcia Vázquez - Graphic Design

Jandro Villa - Costume

SóLODOS - Projects collaborator

Paula Quintas - Projects collaborator

Chus Varela - Photography

Agadic · Xacobeo 21 · Xunta de Galicia - Grants

Centro Coreográfico Galego - Grants

INAEM · Ministerio de Cultura · Gobierno de España - Grants

Concello Lugo - Projects collaborator

Teatro Ensalle - Projects collaborator

Escuela Palimoco - Projects collaborator

Museo MIHL - Projects collaborator

Concello Allariz - Projects collaborator

A Casa Vella - Projects collaborator

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