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Colectivo Glovo was born in 2016 under the direction of Esther Latorre (Spain) and Hugo Pereira (Portugal), generating a creative space where both performers and choreographers develop their most imaginative side together.


They work in the creation of the stage for theatres, streets and non-conventional spaces, as well as cultural managers, since one of their main objectives as a company is to increase the scope of the dynamics of the body.


Glovo admits its passion for the language of movement and pursues the research of new scenic expressions starting from the body itself without established limits.

It has toured different countries such as Spain, Portugal, Italy, Mexico or Costa Rica, it was part of the circuit Red Acieloabierto 2020 and 2023, Danza a Escena 2021 and 2023, of the catalogue of recommendation 2023 of Catalonia, PLATEA, RAEE - Red Aragonesa de Espacios Escénicos, La Cultura Contraataca, was in different state performing arts fairs, it has received several supports for the creation of the Centro Coreográfico Galego and collaborates with the fashion company Adolfo Domínguez since 2018.


They have received awards such as 1st Prize at the International Choreography Competition Burgos & NY 2019, Audience Award at the International Choreography Competition Sólodos ENDANZA 2016, GATADANS Award and LAS NOCHES DEL PATRIMONIO Award at the DZM Competition in Cáceres in 2022, OFFICIAL PRIZE CORPOMOBILE, Teatro Selvatico Award and The Loft Project Award at the CORPOMOBILE Creation Contest 2022 in Rome, as well as special mentions at the Corto In Danza 2019 festival in Cagliari and at La Espiral Contemporánea 2019 in Santander.

In parallel to this creative facet, Glovo co-directs the Cartografía en Movemento festival and directs the artistic residency and research programme Atopémonos Bailando, both in Lugo.

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